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About Kevin


Kevin T. Robertson, has a career in the entertainment industry that spans over 25 years.  Kevin has toured and recorded with multi-platinum recording artists, produced and written music of all genre’s.  Being multi-talented has paid off in a multitude of ways that has put Kevin center stage with some of the biggest names in the entertainment business.  Kevin also starred in his first independent film as an actor, also is a spokes model and endorses many brands.  Kevin also serves as the executive director of The Kevin T. Robertson mentorship program and executive producer/writer/creator/host of The Kevin T. Robertson Show. 


Kevin T. Robertson has presented at least 150 successful customized programs each year to corporate partners internationally for the past 16 years. Kevin has delivered over 2,650 Keynote Speeches, Public & Onsite Seminars, specializing in Customized Topics.

Kevin has gained extensive experience working with the hearing impaired as well as crossing language barriers. With the aid of sign language and multicultural bilingual interpreters, Kevin has become a master communicator of translating business strategies to over 76 different Nationalities in the United States and has presented business presentations to companies in over 30 countries abroad.




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