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Sponsorship Opportunities


When the spokesperson relationship works the way it's intended, you get instant recognition and tremendous recall for a product.  The KTR Brand matches clients with a celebrity of resources to promote the product and increase visibility and establish strong market penetration.

 The KTR Show brand can provide a major boost to startups with zero name recognition as well as to more established companies and brands. Impact your companies bottom line and partner with the positive charisma, and infectious energy of The KTR Show. 


In America, audiences display an endless desire for TV talk. Fans are intensely brand-loyal, devoted to their favorite talk show, its sponsors, and feature prime demographics, also online video consumption and social networking is up 40%among all demographics giving sponsors tremendous additional exposure. 


Do you know that in the United States, there are:

800 TV sets per 1,000 people?

550 computers per 1,000 people?

1,500 TV stations?

10,000 TV channels?

25% of population subscribe to cable TV?

77% of population subscribe to Pay TV?

5000 AM radio stations?

10,000 FM radio stations?


On average, people listen to radios 3 hours per day?

On average, people watch TV shows 2 hours per day?


These numbers show how big the TV and radio markets are. Most likely, in the not-so-distant future, Internet-based TV and radio stations will be changing the landscape of the market. Are you ready for the next wave in broadcasting (podcasting and webcasting)? 


Opportunity for You!  As you'll see, involvement with The KTR Show can be very rewarding for the firm able to ally itself with the right combination of talent and experience, As many other businesses have found, involvement with The KTR Show brings significant and immediate benefits. It's a sales tool, a marketing tool, and a motivational tool.


The KTR Brand Sells Product!   

The KTR brand can bring your firm a new, performance-oriented image. Sponsors put tens of millions of dollars each year into TV advertising at the local & national level because they've seen that what is marketed on a quality TV program with great content creates increased sales during the business week and drives consumers to their product. KTR fans are brand loyal; they prefer dealing with organizations that bring them the excitement of the micro niche known as “The Motivational Supercharger”. When fans are watching your partnership with The KTR Show on television they know that you run a winning organization, and this new image would add  to, not replace, your existing customer base.


A Sponsor is a Good Neighbor!  Public Access Sponsorship/Underwriting dramatically demonstrates your community involvement. Sponsorship of  Community Based TV tells the public that, unlike other firms, you aren't just interested in taking their money, but are glad to give something back  while supporting the gift of entertainment.  The KTR Show reinforces your positive brand image in the local and national communities.


The KTR Show Inspires Peak Performance!  FOCUS can be a key tool in employee motivation. It helps to foster a competitive spirit and pride in the organization. When your sales team wins, your whole business family will share in the victory, adding energy and a positive attitude throughout your staff.


The KTR Show Brings In Traffic!  The KTR Show is also a natural theme for promotions. Whether it's giving customers a discount with a special coupon, offering tickets to a sporting event, or using motivational seminars as a creative sales tool, The KTR Brand adds excitement to every part of the sales process. A partnership with The KTR Show bearing your logo guarantees increased traffic and increased sales. 


How do you know that partnering with The KTR Show works?   We could show you facts and figures, or you could ask your marketing agency. But the real proof is that your competitors are already there. They've found that positive association sponsorship makes sense. That's why sponsors have a high level of belief in Talk TV and  return year after year -- and why their customers return to their businesses, and you can stand above them all – by partnering with the right combination of talent, experience, and  sales resources on The Kevin T. Robertson Show.



Brand KTR Shows Success!  The KTR Show also provides entertainment for prominent clients, suppliers, and associates. An interview on The KTR Show, seeing your team painted in a positive light, shows business associates that you have a successful, aggressive organization. Best of all, these positive effects would support all your outlets. Customers come from across the metro area -- they live in every part of your market.



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